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Angry Babies in Love - a good film to watch

Angry Babies in Love - a good film to watch

The film revolves around the life of two lovers after marriage and how they rediscover their love after a series of differences

Saji Surendran
Anoop Menon, Bhavana
Comedy - Romance

Saji Surendran has grown smarter with his new film Angry Babies. He is also a quick learner who wants to avoid his own mistakes. Usually, he wants his characters to have lot of fun and mostly it is between husbands and wives. He lets them indulge before he picks each of them by their neck and dips them in mush so that they could be baptized into better mortals. However in some cases, tear glands erupt beyond control marooning the very intentions of the director.


The story revolves around a couple who migrated to Bombay. And of-course the migration was illegal.  A couple with a bag full of dreams. But as usual the couple never make it for long together. Those couples, Jeevan & Sara played by Anoop Menon & Bhavan respectively who couldn’t find a sync with their patterns start to fight each other. A famous Photographer,that was Jeevans dream while Sara strives to manage the household. Well its hard to handle. 


Bijipal has created songs that would sure be one of the things you take back with you after the film. Meanwhile, Anil Nair has coloured the film in all the colours he could conjure up. There are more slow motion sequences in the film, than an action film would-Anil wins no doubt.  Manoj, the editor joins the winners list too. 


At its best, Angry Babies, is nothing but two hours plus of light-hearted entertainment, served the old-fashioned way. Angry Babies may not be a great comedy, but it is not too bad either, for its target audience.

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