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Damar Padar

Damar Padar

Damar Padar is the story of a father and his son. The father is an ideal policeman, who raises his son, Pouran, along the same lines. When Pouran becomes the chief of police, his father expresses his wish for him to catch Sukumarakkurup. Pouran sets out to fulfil his father`s wish, with the help of Crossbelt Mani and Jumper Thambi.

Release Date :Oct 2, 2014
Director :Dileesh Nair
Genre :Action 
DramaWriter :Dileesh Nair.


An honest police officer wanted his son to join the police department. He wished that his son should devote his life for serving the country. So, he named his son Pauran. When he grew up he  became what his father wished for. Pauran became superintend of police. Now he is on a mission . A mission to fulfill his fathers last wish, to catch Sukumara kurup.


The movie is scripted by Dileesh Nair, who has scripted movies like Salt n pepper , da thadiya and Idukki gold.It will be a light hearted   fun movie. Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair are again joining their hands as script writers for this movie. This will be a complete entertainer with SP Pauran along with Jumper Thambi and Crossbelt Mani. Biju Menon will be playing the role of Jumper Thambi . The casting for Crossbelt Mani is still ongoing. Bijibal scores the music for this film. Alby is the cinematographer. ‘Damar Padar’ will be produced by M Renjith under the banner of Rejaputra Visual media.

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