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Thaikkudam Bridge

Thaikkudam Bridge

Thaikkudam Bridge is a band composed of musicians who came together first for a show called "Music Mojo" in the Malayalam channel Kappa TV. It was when cousins Govind Menon and Siddharth Menon got an opportunity to perform at this show that they brought together artist friends from Kerala and Mumbai to perform with them

There is no story to why the band is called Thaikkudam Bridge, Govind says. “We used to practise in an apartment near Thaikkudam Bridge which is why we gave it the name. Simple.” “We do not have a genre. The mandate is to play songs people will like rather than us playing what we like. Our core is melody but we have specialists who are strong in certain genres.…people irrespective of where they are from should like the music.” Which explains the band’s rather unconventional number of vocalists – eight. The band members, incidentally, are from different parts of India, which gives the band its eclectic flavour. The band’s line-up is — lead guitarist Mithun Raju (formerly of Motherjane), Ashok Nelson (rhythm guitars), Vipin Lal (vocalist), Christi Jose (vocalist), Ruthin Thej (keyboards), Abin Thej (drums), Piyush Kapoor (vocalist and guitarist), Vian Fernandez (bass guitarist), Krishna Bongane and Nila Madhav Mohapatra (Hindustani vocalists), Govind P. Menon (violin and vocals), Siddharth Menon (vocals) and Peethambaran Menon (vocals). Govind had help from his sister Dhanya with the lyrics of ‘Fish Rock’.

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