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Edappally Church (St. George Forane Church)

Edappally Church (St. George Forane Church)

Edappally, about 10 km. away from the city, is famous for the St. George Forane Church, one of the oldest Roman Catholic Churches in the State. The church, popularly known as Edappally Pally, was a small structure at the time of its construction in 594 AD. In 1080 AD, a bigger church was built adjacent to the old one to accommodate the congregation that had grown greatly in number. The church has undergone many renovations since the time of its construction. The picture of the Virgin surrounded by sculptures and angels was integrated with the altar during one such renovation. On the wall behind the altar, there is a painting of Heaven. A statue of St. George mounted on his horse, spearing the dragon, is also seen here.

There are many nearby attractions that one can visit while visiting this church. There is a well nearby which is believed to have miraculous properties. The water from the well is considered holy and sacred and people drink this water and bathe their head and face in it. They also take the water home in bottles. Besides this, the soil from the churchyard is also considered holy. People take it from there and sprinkle it in their homes and grounds. It is believed that doing so will prevent them from snake bites. Besides this there is other nearby shrines like the South Church, Church of Mary Rani, Church of Martin De Porres, Church of Thevackal, Church of Kalamassery, Church of Mount Assissi, Church of Vennala, Church of Vazhakkala and many more in and around the vicinity which the devotees can visit. 

The Catholic Church observes the feast of St George on 23rd April . The feast of St George in Edappally Church starts on that day and lasts till May 15th.The annual feast at the St. George's Forane Church is celebrated on 3rd and 4th of May and the Octave on 10th and 11th. The Flag is hoisted on 25th of April.

First Friday of The Month

The first Friday of every month is observed as a solemn day for prayer and penance at the Edappally Church.

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Edappally (2 kilometers ) Ernakulam town railway station ( 6 kilometers )

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport

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