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Pattumala - Hill draped in silk

Pattumala - Hill draped in silk

Pattumala or Hill draped in silk, thats what they call the fascinating place. This silken hill, in Peermede in exhilarating Idukki, has charms like no other. The region is completely made up of hills and the topography makes it an ideal place for engaging in various outdoor activities. The regions surrounding Pattumala has a phenomenal beauty and this is a must see town when you are visiting the state of Kerala.

Velankanni Matha Church


At the top of a hill is the Velankanni Matha Church, a famous pilgrim center, which is built entirely of granite. Don't miss the delightful flower garden nearby. Don't miss the delightful flower garden nearby. Pattumala is also home to two of the biggest names in the tea production sector - Harrisons Malayalam and A V Thomas & Co. Accommodation facilities are not too much in the area but you can opt for nearby resorts and guest houses.

Getting there

Nearest railway station: Kottayam  ( 75 kilometers)

Nearest airport: Kochi International Airport ( 150 kilometers)

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