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Ranipuram is a hill station located within Kasargod district of Kerala state. It is located about 48 kilometres east of Kanhangad on the Panathoor road branching off at Panathady and lies 750 m (2,460 ft) above sea level adjacent to Bhagamandala forest range.

Ranipuram, known as the “Ooty of Kerala” is an incredible hill station located about 10 kilometers from Malom in kasaragod district.One can reach Ranipuram from Malom by trekking about 5 km through dense forest from maruthom tattu,or by road ranipuram is located 10 km apart from panathady on kanhangad-panathur-coorg State Highway. 


This area was formerly known as Madathumala. The extensive forests of Madathumala merge with the forests of Karnataka. Ranipuram in its natural beauty is comparable to Ooty. Wild elephants can be seen wandering on the top of the mountains. Jeep services to Ranipuram are readily available from Panathady, which is linked to Kanhangad by frequent bus services.


There are two trekking routes available through the South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests. Part of the way the climb is assisted by cut steps. The ambiance of the forest trail is remarkable and once you reach the "Mani" (grass covered hilltop) the view is superb. The undulating cloud-topped hills stretch up to the plains and ocean on the horizon. This is unexplored territory for the nature enthusiast and birdwatcher. Butterflies are in abundance and birds of the evergreen biotope like the black eagle,crested serpent eagle and little spider hunter common. Elephants pay visits in the summer months and leopards have been sighted in the not-too-distant past. The Ranipuram forest should be declared as a wild life sanctuary by Kerala Forest Department to merge with borders of Thalakavery wild life sanctuary in Karnataka.

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